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The Findlay/Hancock County Bar Association

The FINDLAY/HANCOCK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION consists of approximately 150 attorneys and judicial officers who perform legal services or reside in the Hancock County, Ohio area. All are licensed to practice law and are in good standing with The Supreme Court of Ohio, though some are not in active status.

The purpose of the FHCBA is to preserve and promote the judicial system by fostering the highest standards of competence, ethics and professionalism in its members. The administration of justice is best served by the leadership provided by a dedicated group of legal professionals who associate together to advance honor and respect for our system of laws.

The FHCBA meets monthly from September through May. These meetings are meant to provide its members both an opportunity to learn about and discuss important legal issues as well as socialize. Interesting guest speakers address the association’s members at each meeting.

Members of the FHCBA are organized into various committees which supervise the orderly administration of all areas of legal services provided in our community. The FHCBA supports Legal Aid of Western Ohio which provides legal services to those with modest incomes. The association is active in the local mock trial and “We The People” competitions which provide high school students an opportunity to engage in simulated legal practices. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the FHCBA, please complete the Membership Application.

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    The Findlay/Hancock County Bar Association
    Melissa Kidder - Secretary


    The Findlay/Hancock County Bar Association, Hon. Mark C. Miller, President.