Lawyer Disputes

The Findlay/Hancock County Certified Grievance Committee investigates allegations of ethical misconduct made against judges and attorneys.  This committee is authorized by the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Supreme Court of Ohio regulates the conduct of judges and attorneys through the Code of Professional Responsibility and a Code of Judicial Conduct. These codes include ethical standards that each judge and attorney must follow.  If you have an ethics complaint against an Ohio judge or attorney for an alleged violation of a professional code of conduct you may report it for investigation.

Certified grievance committees do not have authority to resolve attorney-client fee disputes, give legal advice or become involved in the merits of any case.  An ethics complaint against a judge or attorney must be in writing and filed with only one of the following organizations:

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel accepts grievances from any location in Ohio.

Findlay/Hancock County Certified Grievance Committee

The Findlay/Hancock County Certified Grievance Committee accepts grievances against judges and attorneys with offices in Hancock County.


The Findlay/Hancock County Certified Grievance Committee (“Grievance Committee”) is established under Rule V of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio. Its function is to investigate allegations of attorney and judicial misconduct or mental illness affecting judges or attorneys. ALL INVESTIGATIONS UNDERTAKEN BY THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE ARE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. If the Grievance Committee finds probable cause to believe that a violation of the governing Rules of Professional Conduct has occurred, then the Grievance Committee initiates a disciplinary action against the attorney or judge that could result in a sanction against the attorney or judge.

The Grievance Committee and its members CANNOT give legal advice or provide legal representation for a complainant. The functions of the Grievance Committee are to conduct disciplinary investigations and, where appropriate, prosecute disciplinary actions or refer them to Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
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